University Dentistry Clinical Center of Kosovo is the main health, education and research institution for dentistry in Kosovo. Our main mission is integration of these three core activities for maintaining and improving the oral health of the population.

Objectives of the only referral center for dentistry for the Republic of Kosovo are harmonized in the professional, scientific and academic aspect for dentistry professionals in basic and postgraduate education.

Besides the daily activities in the treatment of patients, the Center’s staff participates in continuing professional development through participation in meetings, training's and professional and scientific conferences, both locally and internationally. The knowledge gained from these activities is applied in order to increase the efficiency of dental procedures, keeping the pace with modern developments in dentistry.

Introduction of the Health Information System in the Center's work represents a significant step on the path of development of dental healthcare, as it provides a sufficient database for compiling, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the development plans for dental healthcare upgrade.

Dr. Kastriot Meqa, Ph.D.
Executive Director 

International cooperation